No they are completely different shows.

More than 200 with a combined Weight of more than 300kg

Doors open at 19.00 hours and the show starts at 20.00 hours

Doors open at 19.30 hours and the show starts at 20.30 hours. Except on Sunday’s then the doors open at 15.30 hours and the show starts at 16.30 hours. 

The shows end around 23.00 hours except the Sunday shows. They end around 19.00 hours. 

The show is not made specifically for kids but they are more than welcome. 

The shows are in English. 

They are booked for every show but on few occasions they might miss a show. 

No there is no possibility to tip queens during the show. 

Yes you are, please post them with a link to the queens performing and to the show. 

There is a meet and greet after the show and all queens try to be available for the fans but because of their popularity it’s not always possible to have a personal meet and greet.